In the good old days, Henry Ford had a simple approach to marketing. As consumers you were allowed to buy whatever color vehicle you wanted so long as it was black. Since most people were sold on the idea of owning a vehicle, any vehicle, they were prepared to accept limited choice. But in today’s market, you not only have a wide choice of different makes, the manufacturers then try to tempt you by offering an even more comprehensive selection of different models.

Sometimes, this can be a little bewildering unless you have the kind of obsessive interest in details beyond how many miles to the gallon each does and whether that vehicle can accelerate reasonably quickly without bits falling off it. So how does the make and model relate to the premium rates you see in the Florida auto insurance quotes? The answer comes in different parts according to

Insurers have been collecting data on traffic accidents since the first chariots started charging up and down the roads of Ancient Rome. They know exactly how often each make and model crashes, who was driving and the time, and what the road conditions were like. This allows them to predict with considerable accuracy whether you are likely to make a claim if you buy that particular model. So, for example, a quiet family car may fit the stereotype of a middle-aged woman driver so if she suddenly proposes to drive something that takes off like a bat out of Hell, this may suggest a higher risk of an accident. This should warn you of the need to buy a vehicle with a low accident risk.

Second, the government has been running a crash testing service for all makes and models on American roads. Scientists have great fun driving new vehicles into static targets or crashing into vehicles from the side. They also drive them in odd ways to see whether they can persuade the vehicles to roll over. At regular intervals, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) publishes the results of the latest tests, giving a star rating to all the vehicles tested. Not surprisingly, the insurers prefer us to drive the safest vehicles. That reduces the risk of injury and keeps down the cost of the claims.

Finally, we come to the question of theft. If you are in the market for a comprehensive policy, say because you have to borrow money and lenders insist on one, you should always be looking to buy a vehicle that is difficult to steal. Again, there are national and state league tables showing exactly which makes and models are most likely to be stolen.

Before choosing something on every thief’s want list, check out the auto Florida insurance quotes here and match them to the list of the most stolen. That way you can see exactly why it costs more to insure some makes and models. Always remember, insurers love to collect information and know more than you about all the makes and models.